5 Must Have Tips Before Buying High Waisted Jeans

There are few things that many people consider less important, but there is nothing imperative in the world of fashion as knowing how to choose high waisted jeans especially if you want to look elegant. Fashion designers recommend a few things that if considered, they will help you look modern, and more sophisticated when you complement your high waist pants with the right top. Here are five tips that you will find helpful when you are out shopping for your pair of high waisted jeans:

Consider Your Body Type

This is perhaps the first and the most important thing that should come in mind when you are set to look for what will be your desired dress code for a couple of days. Your body type will not only dictate the type of high waisted jeans you are going to buy, but also every cloth you will ever purchase. The following are major body types that will determine what jeans you will buy.

  • Apple
  • Curvy
  • Straight
  • Pear
  • Petite
  • Busty
  • Hourglass

Pick Flattering Wash

Remember that if the pair of jeans you are intending to buy will fade even at the first wash, that will make you a laughing stock whenever you are in one. People will be drawn with the way you are looking in the streets. It is simply like any other pocket style; your jean’s wash can make you break the look. It is widely believed that dark washes portray an illusion of slimmer sophisticated look while faded fabrics assume to add weight on your figure.

Go For Flattering Pocket Style

If there is anything good about the high waist and skinny jeans, is the way they make you appear on your backside. The jean’s pocket shape, its style, and size are fundamentals that determine how one is going to look when in one. In addition to the size, style, and shape of the pocket, fashion designers insist that you consider the pocket’s yoke, its placement, and the design. All these are factors that will ensure that you have a modern look.

Choose The Right Top For Your Jeans

Your choice of the top that will be worn together with your jeans will be another determinant factor when it comes to how you are going to look. Remember that clothes have a trouser look. Therefore, fashion designers highly recommend the type of blouse that can be easily tucked in. alternatively, a button-down shirt, a matching blazer or a cardigan that is layered over a shell can do.

Choose The Right Type Of Shoes

Your type of shoes will either make your high waisted pants look attractive or awkward. Your shoes play an important role on the way you are going to look in town. Ballerina flat shoes are usually the best choice to complement your jeans. For those with petite figures, it is not bad to go for heels or wedges. This will leave flip-flops to those who choose to wear lower waist jeans.

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